Tag: 0.2.0

Tagger: Moritz Poldrack <git@moritz.sh> at 2023-08-24 01:05:05 +0200 +0200
On: 6c1accdebb48970c459493fa6bc37a79b37fed4b
deployable server release

This release adds a server that can be deployed without fearing an OOM,
because it also adds a housekeeper that ensures clients and rooms are
cleaned up.

Moritz Poldrack (24):
      add a README and a LICENSE
      chore: clean up mpv connector
      make: add version to binary
      log: set default level to info
      server: no error on disconnect
      client: close player when exiting
      server: support clean disconnects
      server: make client ID incremental
      mpv: make seeks more accurate
      server: send current playback state to client on connect
      client: wait for video to be loaded before processing events
      client: drop remotely triggered seeks and pauses
      client: add support for uniview:// urls
      make: allow setting additional LD_FLAGS
      make: add install target
      contrib: add icon
      ci: add Dockerfile
      server: allow for a more graceful shutdown
      server: return proper gRPC errors
      client: disconnect on server shutdown notifications
      client: fix seeks not being dropped
      server: proactively disconnect client as necessary
      server: clean up empty rooms
      client: silently discard pings by the server